Our Rates

All prices include Vat unless otherwise indicated.

Gas Boilers & Appliances
Service & Repair

To visit and diagnose faults for the first hour £72

Annual Boiler Service £72
Back-Boiler & Fire £85

Landlord Safety Certificate £85
Includes boiler servicer & safety check of hob/cooker
Additional appliance (e.g. fire serviced)£40

Replace Gas Cooker or Hob from £90

Central Heating Systems
Service & Repair

Fit ThermoCouple from £79
(incl. Basic Service & Safety Check)
Replace Mid-Position Valve from£210
(including Inhibitor)
Replace Zone Valve from£210
(including Inhibitor)
Replace Pump from£185
Fit Magnetic Filter from£215

Room Thermostats from £96
Cylinder Thermostats from £84

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)
Drain down + 1 x TRV + Inhibitor £155
...per TRV thereafter... £33
...per Lockshield£29

Replace Copper Cylinder from £510
(36x18) Supply & Fit